Idoxuridine Ointment | Buy Cheap Idoxuridine Ointment To treat Viral Infection caused in Eyes.

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Idoxuridine Eye Ointment: An Eye Care Ointment To treat Viral Infection Of Eyes.

Idoxuridine Ointment
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Idoxuridine 0.1% is a medication that is used to treat certain type of herpes virus infections of the eye. The herpes simplex virus infection is quite painful and you should apply the medication at the first sign of infection. Idoxuridine is a prescription drug, so consult your doctor and follow the instructions. When it comes to chemical structure, idoxuridine is identical to thymidine, which is responsible for building the genetic material of the Herpes virus (DNA). As a result of being almost identical, idoxuridine is capable of replacing thymidine in the enzymatic step of viral replication. By doing this, idoxuridine does not allow the cell to utilize the DNA, thereby ceasing the process of reproduction. This makes idoxuridine effective in stopping and destroying the destructive and infective capacity of viral material.

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The dosage for idoxuridine varies from individual to individual. As idoxuridine is a prescription medication, you should first consult your doctor so that he can prescribe you a suitable dose. If you don’t follow your doctor’s directions, you will be at a risk of encountering side effects.Usually, the dose of idoxuridine is same for all. You should use it every four hours during the day. The dosage is same for adults and children. Do not use idoxuridine more than five times a day. Before using the drug wash hands and then form a pouch of eyes by pulling the lower eyelid. Squeeze a thin strip of ointment (about 1.3 inch) into the eye and then gently close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes immediately, and keep them closed for about 1-2 minutes so that the ointment can come in contact with the infected area. Don’t miss any dose and continue using idoxuridine for the prescribed time. Complete the course doctor has dictated. It helps in clearing up the infection completely. If missed the dose, make up for it by applying as soon as you remember. If it is time for the next dose, continue with the regular schedule. Do not make up for the dose by doubling it. Overdose has its own side effects.

Side effects

Idoxuridine is a safe medication. People do not face any serious side effects on taking it. However, there are some minor effects they can face after taking. They are generally called as common side effects. The probability of encountering side effects is very less, and if they occur, they are not too serious and do not need medical attention. Irritation in eyes is very common to experience with idoxuridine. Do not worry about it. Apart from it, the drug also shows some other common side effects like blur vision, redness in eyes, eye swelling, light sensitivity etc. The effect of these side effects last for a very short time. Also they are harmless by nature. Take medical assistance only in case if they remain for a long time. The drug does not exhibit any serious side effects.


It is important to store idoxuridine in proper conditions so that it does not lose its effectiveness. First of all, you should store it in a cool place where the temperature is about 3 to 25 degrees Celsius. Room temperature is best for it. Idoxuridine can be stored in refrigerator as well but prevent it from freezing. Exposing drug to heat, light and moisture reduces the effectiveness of idoxuridine. Therefore, safeguard drug from them. Some storage instructions are also mentioned on the drug label. Read them and follow. You should also make sure that you keep idoxuridine away from the reach of children. Consumption of the drug by them can be harmful for their health. If idoxuridine is expired, dispose it as soon as you can. Expired drug should not be kept at home. If unaware about how to discard the drug, take help of your pharmacist.


You should not use idoxuridine without consulting your doctor. It is a prescription medicine and it’s up to your doctor to prescribe you a suitable dose. The doctor will ask you about your eye problem and allergies, and accordingly determine a dose for you. Follow your doctor’s instructions to utilize the full benefits of idoxuridine.If you are pregnant or breast feeding, consult your doctor and discuss about using idoxuridine. Generally, idoxuridine does not have any major side effects on pregnant women, but it is always advisable to take it on medical advice only. During the treatment also if you become pregnant, inform your physician about your pregnancy and then take the drug. Never touch the ointment and take special care if there are kids around. One of the side effects of idoxuridine is that it makes your eyes sensitive to bright lights. Therefore, it is advisable to wear sunglasses after applying it. Idoxuridine also causes blur vision temporarily; therefore you should avoid driving and other activities that require clear vision.